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House Flies: From Annoyance to Understanding

House Flies: From Annoyance to Understanding

People in and around homes and businesses frequently experience the nuisance, disgust, and general threat to health that House fly presence brings. House flies readily transfer…
Blow Flies & Bottle Flies: A Guide to Glistening Invaders

Blow Flies & Bottle Flies: A Guide to Glistening Invaders

While aesthetically intriguing with metallic sheen, Blow flies and Bottle flies are repugnant in and around human concerns. These fly species are saprophages, feeding upon dead…
Navigating the Nuances of Phorid Flies

Navigating the Nuances of Phorid Flies

When dealing with Phorid flies, numerous questions arise regarding their behavior, danger to health, and control. From a sickening sewer to your tasty pastry, Phorid flies…

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