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FlyQ - Insect Light Trap Selection, Placement, and Innovation

FlyQ - Insect Light Trap Selection, Placement, and Innovation

FlyQ – Insect Light Trap Selection, Placement, and Innovation In this webinar, you will discover the intricacies of insect light traps. Explore factors that dictate efficacy.…
Entomoment ILT area of coverage

Entomoment ILT area of coverage

In this Entomoment segment, we explore the fascinating world of insect light traps, specifically focusing on their area of coverage (AOC). We learn how AOC is…
Fleshing Out the Flesh Fly

Fleshing Out the Flesh Fly

In demystifying the intricate world of the Flesh fly, Sarcophaga spp. (meaning “eat flesh”), we discover a complex creature with fascinating biology and behavior. Though often…

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