Specialty Flying Insect Management Systems

Specialty Flying Insect Management Systems

The specialist range provides special safety features such as high IP ratings and flameproof electrical enclosures, giving you protection against the most hazardous and potentially dangerous areas.

Chameleon® EXG -X LED

This custom-designed unit has been exclusively engineered to allow protection in ATEX areas where gas and vapour are present such as: distilleries and in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Mantis® 4×4

The mantis® 4×4 is a powerful high capacity sticky trap, which is particularly suited for large open areas in industrial food premises.

Mantis® 4×4 EX

The Mantis® 4×4 EX is an ATEX compliant all stainless steel industrial UV fly trap.It is suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in ATEX zone 22 classified areas.

Mantis® 1X2 IP

The Mantis® 1x2IP unit offers advanced fly control for demanding environments and is suitable for areas that are steam-cleaned, hosed down and are damp or corrosive e.g. dairies, abattoirs and industrial kitchens.

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