New Quantum X LED Systems

New Quantum X LED Systems

PestWest LED systems are the future of Pest Control

Discover the future of pest control with PestWest's Quantum LED systems. Experience unparalleled performance and efficiency with state-of-the-art Quantum LED Technology, revolutionizing the industry for effective pest management. Upgrade to the Quantum LED systems and embrace a new era in pest control solutions.

Mantis ® QUALIS

The Mantis® Qualis provides
energy-efficient, sustainable flying insect management with a sleek, modern design. It is ideal for food facilities and commercial kitchens.

Mantis® Sirius X

The Mantis® Sirius X is the next generation flying insect management system for sophisticated front-of-house use. With the clean and futuristic design of the Mantis® Sirius, it continues to seamlessly blend into any restaurant, café, or hotel decor.

Chameleon® EXG -X LED

This discreet and stylish LED system is designed to be suspended ceiling installed. This patented concept offers an ideal solution for supermarkets, convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, and many others.


Find out how you can effortlessly transform your Mantis® brand magnetic ballast, 15W fluorescent lamp systems to LED with
the exclusive PestWest LED Lamp
Conversion Kit.

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