Insect Light Traps


PestWest® High quality systems utilizing advanced glue board technology in ULTRA slim-line designs.

Mantis® 1x2

Slim line design catches all sizes of flying insects. The Mantis Professional ILT comes manufactured with highest grade shatter resistant lamps for extra protection in glass-free zones. 

Mantis® 1×2 Discretion Covers

The discretion cover is an option to make any 1X2 (after 2012 models only) a discreet insect light trap suitable for any public area. Retro fits easily with no additional tool required.

Mantis® 2x2

This double sided ceiling suspended system protects large open areas. Can be placed above aisles if allowed. Use small link chain or cable to secure this system to the ceiling.

to be discontinued, while supplies last

Mantis® 1x2 MAX50

The attractive, ultra-slim Mantis® 1×2 MAX50 combines 50 watts of power for more attraction to target flying insects, ideal for sensitive areas and for high insect density environments.

Mantis® Uplight

Attractive and stylish wall mounted unit: the perfect choice for public areas where flying insect management needs to be discreet e.g. restaurants and front-of-house.


Mantis® Vega is powerful, stylish and economical. It's elegant and ultra-slim design, based on revolutionary new technology combined with an all stainless steel or white all metal construction will suit most environments.

Mantis® Uplight MAX36

The NEW Uplight MAX 36 for when more power is needed for the larger job. Same body style and glue board as the standard Uplight. Smart, stylish and economical, the new Uplight MAX is sure to be a crowd pleaser except for flies.


Designed for front-of-house areas, the elegant and decorative design of the Sunburst® conceals the glue board and the insects caught. Available in four variations white, grey, black and bamboo (Naurale).

Ontop Proontoppro

Innovative, discreet and stylish fly traps; these unique overhead designs fit discreetly and easily into new or existing suspended ceilings.

Mantis® Sirius

Mantis® Sirius is a sophisticated unit designed for front-of-house use. With its clean curves, a choice of finish and dual wall mounting options, it fits seamlessly into any restaurant, café or hotel.

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