Mantis® 1x2

Slim line design catches all sizes of flying insects

Attractive, slim, wall-mounted (free standing bracket available), compact and unobtrusive, this unit is ideal for use in food preparation areas.
With the Mantis® 1×2, insects are caught cleanly and safely onto the glue board. No noise, no smell, no problem. This allows the equipment to be placed closer to sensitive areas. Mantis® units from this range use interchangeable tubes and sticky boards to minimise stocking requirements.

Mantis® 1x2 White

Product code: MAN1X2016/125-000197
125-000296 (220V – Euro Plug)

Mantis® 1x2 Black

Product code: 125-000315

Mantis® 1x2 Stainless Steel

Product code: 125-000316 125-000171
(220v – Euro plug, special order)


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