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Welcome to PestWest's product catalog, where you can explore our range of professional fly management products. As a leading manufacturer, we offer reliable and environmentally responsible solutions to help businesses worldwide manage their pest problems. Our insect light traps, including electric fly electrocutors and glue board fly light traps, are designed with advanced features to provide effective and efficient pest management. With a proven track record of delivering superior products and customer service, PestWest is the trusted choice of pest control management professionals worldwide.

NEW LED Systems

The revolutionary UV LED fly management units the market has been waiting for are here!


24/7 Remote Monitoring system

The industry leader in online flying insect monitoring.

PestWest Professional insect light traps are high quality units combining advanced glue board technology with slim-line designs. The slim-line designs enable glue boards to be placed closer to the UV lamps improving catch rates.


This range of environmentally responsible models offer innovative designs with highly efficient, yet discreet, fly Management system.


The Electronic Fly electrocutors use powerful PestWest Quantum lamps to attract flying insects onto a high voltage grid to eradicate them. The insects subsequently fall into a catch-tray.

Full Line of Replacement UVA Lamps

Explore our Full Line of Replacement UVA Lamps, featuring moisture-resistant Glue Boards, versatile 60-day Universal Glue Boards, and efficient, lead-free Quantum BL UV lamps for optimal fly management.

Putting billions of microbes to work, and leaving behind a fresh clean scent, Bio-Gel® brand cleaning products contain non-pathogenic bacteria that consume greases, fats, oils, proteins and carbohydrates. Perfect for drains, mops and many others.

Discover our Inspection & Monitoring Tools: CSI Kit for specimen contrast, easy-to-use UV-A Meter, AF Demi Diamond® & Pheromone systems for insect monitoring, and Cluster Fly Lures. Essential for effective pest management.

Join the eco-friendly Mad Hatter® Lamp Recycling Box Program. Dispose of old lamps safely and sustainably with our specially designed recycling boxes. Easy, responsible, and green lamp disposal solution.

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