Mantis® Sirius X

Introducing Sirius X with Quantum LED Technology: Advanced Front-of-House Pest Control

The Mantis® Sirius X retains the beautiful style of the Sirius offering all of the advantages of the Quantum® X LED technology: sustainability, excellent flying insect management performance and low operating costs.

Stainless Steel

Product code:



Product code:


Key Features:

Manufactured with two Quantum X shatter resistant lamps and the dedicated LED range glues board. Each centrally dividable replacement glue board offers two usages. Available in white and stainless steel.

To be used with 2 Quantum X LED tubes which come standard with FEP industry compliant shatter resistant coating.

Coverage area: 50-60sqm
Dimensions: Height 19cm, Width 58cm, Depth 12cm, Weight 3.1kg,



Quantum® X

filament LED

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