Chameleon ® EXG X

The new Chameleon® EXG X LED is ATEX certified, which allows installation within Zones where a risk of explosion from gasses, droplets, or dust may exist. Zones may be within distilleries, sugar refineries, pharmaceutical facilities, and petrochemical plants.

The Chameleon® EXG X is designed to comply with ATEX standards (Directives 99/92/EC and 94/9/EC). The EXG X is made from 304-brushed stainless steel and marine-grade aluminum alloy to provide a fully corrosion-resistant construction. It is designed for use within ATEX Zones 2, 1 and 22, 21.

Contains two Quantum® X shatter-resistant lamps. A unique polished aluminum reflector enhances UVA light distribution and insect attraction. Two extra-large Quantum® X LED system glue boards assure optimum flying insect capture.


H: 32” x W: 37” x D: 7”

(H: 81.5cm x W: 94cm x D: 18cm)




Stainless Steel Finish

Product code: 125-000526

In stock now!


Wall mounted:

1185-1400ft2 (110-130m2)

A unique design, lightyears ahead of the rest.



Quantum® X

filament LED

The Quantum® X difference.

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