Mantis® 1x2 DISCRETION Covers

Transform your Mantis 1X2 with discretion cover!

Mantis® 1×2 Discretion Cover

Mantis® 1x2 Discretion Covers

Discreet and ideal for areas in view of the public.

The discretion cover is an option to make any 1X2 (after 2012 models only) a discreet insect light trap suitable for any public area. Retro fits easily with no additional tool required. See below for easy install instructions:

Mantis® 1x2 Discretion Cover Stainless Steel

Product code: 802-000425

Mantis® 1x2 Discretion Cover Black

Product code: 802-000281

Mantis® 1x2 Discretion Cover Gray

Product code: 802-000503

Easy to replace!

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