Mantis® 1x2IP

Mantis® 1X2IP

Engineered for steam cleaned, hosed-down, high moisture and corrosive environments

The NEW Mantis® 1X2IP flying insect management system is quality engineered for steam-cleaned, hosed-down, damp, and corrosive environments (such as dairies, food processing facilities, cruise ships and industrial kitchens).

Mantis ® 1x2IP

The Mantis® 1x2IP unit offers advanced fly control for demanding environments and is suitable for areas that are steam-cleaned, hosed down and are damp or corrosive e.g. dairies, abattoirs and industrial kitchens.

Patented Reflectobakt sleeve: extending glue board life. Utilizing a plastic glue board to eliminate warping moisture and mold. Available in both 110v and 220v.

It is entirely made in stainless steel and IP66 certified.

Warning: Hard wiring required – consult a certified electrician for installation.

See Mantis® 1x2IP in Action

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