Win the Fight Against Cluster Fly Flight

With Cluster fly season approaching, the question on everyone’s mind is, “How to protect home and business from Cluster fly? Aka: Pollenia rudis (roughly meaning “rude dust”). The answer to winning the fight against Cluster fly flight is a potent combination of prevention, early detection, and applying the most advanced technology available on the market. Discover how to swat the Cluster fly problem with the incredible features of the Mantis® range of light traps, an essential component of a modernized pest control strategy.

Getting acquainted with the adversarial Cluster fly is the initial step in formulating an unbeatable strategy. Remember, these pesky flies are slightly larger than the average House fly and present distinctive yellowish-golden hairs on the thorax. When at rest, wings fold atop the abdomen, which possesses a distinct checkered pattern. When emerging on warm winter days, flight is somewhat lethargic and erratic.
Fortify with exclusion techniques before the fly invasion. Repair damaged fly screens and seal potential entry points such as windows, doors, gaps, cracks, and crevices with high-quality sealants and weather-stripping materials. Shut down every potential entry point-a defense line that gives no quarter to invading flies. Remember, the best fly control offense is a good fly control defense!
Join forces with the exclusive PestWest Cluster Fly Lure, a pheromone attractant that operates as a silent sentinel. Detecting early signs of activity by luring flying intruders into favored trapping devices before they begin to cluster.

Defensive fly monitoring and control with the Mantis® range of light traps. The Mantis® range brings forth the next generation of fly control, providing portable and wall-mounted solutions. Light traps armed with UVA technology to attract and capture Cluster flies with optimum effectiveness.

An unparalleled Cluster fly battle strategy with the advanced defense of the new Mantis® Qualis and Sirius X featuring Quantum® X LED technology. Here are the unique features that make this new LED filament lamp technology the cornerstone of Cluster fly control.

  • 370 nm Wavelength: Optimal UVA wavelength serves as an irresistible fly lure.
  • 360° UVA Attraction: Uniform UVA light in all directions and no blind spots for flies to evade attraction.
  • Uniform Illuminance: Steady intensity without any fluctuations, bright spots, or shadows.
  • 91% Fly Attraction and Capture: Remarkable efficacy in luring and capturing flies, providing a robust solution to fly problems.
  • Translucent Substrate and Argon (Ar) Gas Cooled: Assures optimum UVA emission while maintaining a cool temperature.
  • T5 (21.6″) IP68 Lamp: Robust longevity.
  • Cleanable Lamp Surface: Facilitates easy maintenance and hygiene.
  • FEP Shatter-Resistant Coating: Ensures adherence to the highest safety standards.
  • Energy Efficiency at 5.6 W: Packs a punch, while consuming minimal power for an eco-friendly choice.
  • 35% Less Power vs. SMD LEDs: Demonstrates energy efficiency by consuming significantly less power compared to earlier generation LED light traps, providing savings on energy bills.
Bring out the heavy “flytillery” with the Nemsis® Quattro, Titan Alpha®, and Titan® 300. When invasions result in substantial Cluster fly clustering, these suspended fly killers are a formidable line of defense. Empowered to decimate large populations of flies with silent high-voltage grids, reinstating structural sanctity.
The future of Cluster fly control is here. An alliance of technologically advanced tools that promise to prevent Cluster fly invasion and infestation. Embrace the next generation of fly control with cutting-edge technology, and usher in a future free of pesky fly intruders.

Win the fight against Cluster fly flight! For an unyielding defense against Cluster fly invasion, connect with PestWest at 941.358.1983 or drop a line at

Cluster Fly

Pollenia rudis

Large flies, wingspan up to 20mm. Thorax distinctive dark grey/olive colour covered in golden hairs.

Areas where flies congregate should be treated with residual insecticide. PestWest fly killers are a very effective step in controlling cluster flies.

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